Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Blade Clink to M(urder) K(ing) for the inspiration
Double Blade Clink to V(iolent) H(ellion) for execution 


  1. Replies
    1. Remember, if life is getting you down - like you lost your job 'cause your boss is a totally jealous of your manliness - there is but one mantra you need to lift your spirits: Keep it Jeep. There's nothing like a cruse in my baby to remind me that I really am as awesome as I think I am!

      P.S. (ex-boss) I know where you live!!!

    2. perhaps reign in your manliness for those that can't deal with it. I knew this picture was going to be golden. It doesn't even matter if it is a ground squirrel or marmot.
      -ex boss

    3. Also I'm printing this out for the office

    4. As I have labored to explain on this blog, the essence of manliness is that it can't be reigned in! It's like opening an AMP tall boy that rolled around in the backseat of your awesome jeep while you kicked the shit out of some punk ass off-road trail - it's gonna erupt all over you, and you better like it or you're walking home!

      P.S. I approve of displaying this awesome ad for the jeep lifestyle - even if its in your puny, uncool office. Still know where you live.

    5. So in Europe, they call all SUV's Jeep apparently, what's your opinion of that?

    6. I hate to admit it , blade brother, but you may have just given me a reason to concede that a few real men still exist in Europe. I guess now when I hear a funny accent I will make sure they deserve a good thrashing before I serve it up. I'll give them a chance for some jeep talk, and if its to my liking they won't get the mountain dew beat out of them.